Who are we?


Delivering Access Through Support


Interpreting Solutions 2UK Ltd is a specialist supplier of fully qualified and officially registered Support Professionals working specifically with D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people in a wide gamut of situations and settings.

Our expertise in British Sign Language allows us to bring a voice to a community that has historically been under represented in relation to access to information in areas such as education, employment, health services and many other wider issues, which impact on the daily lives of individuals with a hearing loss.

As an organisation we are proactive in raising awareness of the various levels of hearing loss and know that not all D/deaf or Hard of Hearing people communicate in the same way or at the same level. Wherever possible we will ensure that the same support is made available to the client throughout the term of our relationship.

During the time that we have been established we have built excellent working relationships within Further Education, Colleges and Universities, as well as a wide range of private and public sector clients and the people that we support.

Working with a tried and tested network of Language Support Professionals, we have an excellent track record of fulfilling assignments, with a large portfolio of positive feedback that not only demonstrates our success but also our commitment to providing a first class support service.

We achieve our success through our “One Stop Shop” which allows us to work with both the client and end user at every step of the supported need, ensuring that the correct support is sourced and matched to the individual’s requirements and delivered with minimum disruption, saving time and resources for all parties.

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