The provision of British Sign Language communication support is necessary where someone does not have a significant ability to communicate effectively as a direct result of their deafness or hearing loss. Individuals who use British Sign Language (BSL) as their method of communication require a British Sign Language Interpreter to facilitate their interactions with hearing people who speak English.

We firmly believe that individuals with this need should be able to access their academic studies and medical advice, understand their legal rights and be made aware of their own financial and other responsibilities. It is particularly important for vulnerable adults and children for who the provision of accurate and confidential information is embedded as a legal right due to UK legislation.

We are able to meet your requirements by maintaining a national network of professional interpreters who are neutral, independent, professionally trained and accept the responsibility of keeping all information confidential. Our services are delivered within diverse settings and by using our expertise we are able to provide language professionals who not only meet the individual’s needs but also meet the financial constraints of your organisation.

The work of Support Services Team within the educational sector can be fulfilled on a semester by semester basis with additional requests taken for one off sessions. Other service request are fulfilled on an “Ad-Hoc” basis, which usually require notice to make an interpreting arrangement, however we are able to respond to emergencies where possible. Our normal terms of business are available upon request and we also have tailored terms of service for various statutory and public sectors such as HEIs/FE, DWP as well as corporate.

Please contact us to see which service level agreement is best suited to your communication and commercial needs.

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