Our Specialist Support Professionals have a very in-depth role in the support of D/deaf clients. They support clients through language modification, explanation and revision of information. They ensure the clients have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and achieve within their written English activities. They may at times be required to liaise with other Support Professionals, planning and carrying out their support ensuring their allocated time with the client is productive leading to higher levels of success. Within education, they are able to liaise with exam boards and where necessary ensure the appropriate assessment methods are in place for the student. They may also be needed to liaise with professionals regarding the client in a sensitive and confidential manner which would be done at the request of the student.

At Interpreting Solutions, we will always ensure that students receiving our language services are supported, not advantaged. We firmly believe their work should be a verbatim representation of their meaning with the adapted text being completed in partnership with the student at all times. We will work along with our partners (HEI/FE) to investigate any concerns they may have and provide detailed feedback on the activities undertaken by the Language Support Professional.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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