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A sign language interpreter facilitates communication either between users of a sign language such as British Sign Language (BSL) and users of a spoken language, or between users of two different sign languages. Interpreters will use their skill and knowledge of the two languages, and their understanding of any cultural differences between those for whom they are interpreting, to transfer a message from one language into the other.

Sign language interpreters may look very active with their hands, but in fact most of the hard work is going on in their heads. They have to listen carefully to, or watch the message, extract the meaning and then find an appropriate way to express the message in the second language.

Registered Sign Language Interpreters will have demonstrated that they have achieved a nationally agreed standard in interpreting. They will carry a yellow photo ID card.

Trainee Sign Language Interpreters have met minimum competence requirements and are undertaking an approved, supervised programme of training that leads to NRCPD Registered status. The assignments they undertake should be within their professional competence. Trainee Sign Language Interpreters may not work in the legal domain – courts, police, legal processes etc, - or in mental health settings. They will carry a purple photo ID card.

In line with Industry Standards BSL Support Professional bookings are subject to a 3hr minimum charge

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