Access to Work

Supporting you or your employee in the workplace

Disabled people across England, Scotland and Wales form a highly diverse population. It includes people from all age groups and across the income and education spectrum. The effect their disability has on people is also very diverse and every case should be dealt with on an individual basis.

The Access to Work programme is a Jobcentre Plus grant scheme which assists disabled people who are in paid employment or with Job/Work Trial, by providing practical support in overcoming work-related obstacles resulting from their disability. Access to Work grants will contribute to the additional employment costs resulting from a disability which an employer would not normally be expected to fund. In some cases, this may involve an arrangement where the DWP and the employer share costs.

How can we help?

We fully manage interpreter bookings for this programme, completing all necessary claim forms along with managing their ATW budgets and keeping the client fully informed throughout their time using the programme.

Factsheet for Customers    Factsheet for Employers

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