Notetakers are provided to people who require written or typed summary notes of a spoken discussion or presentation.

A Notetaker is a common provision for individuals in an educational or business setting where regular notes are required.

Electronic Notetakers

Our Electronic Notetakers produce a real-time summary of what is said using an ordinary laptop which is able to be linked to a second laptop for the client to read from. It is intended for anyone who is unable to take notes for themselves in a business or educational setting. This may be due to the fact they have to give their attention to a communication professional who is relaying information or as a result of mobility impairment. If using the two screen facility the equipment can be connected via a “serial” cable or wirelessly and can be outputted using a refreshable Braille display for deafblind clients if required. At the end of the session the Electronic Notetaker will provide a copy of the transcript by email, hard copy or via memory stick.

The standard delivery of this support involves the Notetaker accompanying the client to a lecture or meeting and producing a detailed set of summary notes. The service is very flexible and the notes will be tailored according to the client’s specifications. The Notetaker can differentiate for each individual speaker and all verbal communication, including jokes and asides, can be recorded where required.

Manual Notetakers

Our Manual Notetaker provision is delivered in a similar way to our Electronic Notetaking whereby the professional is trained to produce a clear set of handwritten notes in English for the client to read later. The Notetaker will attend the lecture or meeting with the client and will need to sit within “listening distance” of the speaker. The Notetaker will record a summarised account of all relevant spoken information.

Electronic Notetaking has proven very popular due to the ability to provide a digital hard copy of the transcript, however we can factor in having the notes typed up at an additional charge, which we would negotiate with the language professional.


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