Face-to-Face Spoken Language Interpretation

As a company we know the importance of using the correct people for the correct Job. All of our Face-to-Face Interpreters are fully qualified in their chosen languages and are registered with the appropriate governing body, this ensures that when you require a face-to-face interpreter you can be confident that they are professional and are working to a very strict code of conduct.

You can be confident that any information that you give to the Interpreter is in confidence and governed by ISLanguages confidentiality agreement.

Telephone Spoken Language Interpretation

This service connects Interpreters via telephone to individuals who wish to speak to each other but do not share the same language. The telephone Interpreter converts the spoken language from one language to another, enabling listeners and speakers to understand each other. Interpreting over the telephone most often takes place in *Consecutive mode.

*Consecutive mode – means that the Interpreter waits until the speaker finishes before interpreting into the other language


Our translators are skilled in the interpretation and translation of text from any language that you should require. They are registered and governed by the appropriate registering bodies and have experience of working in translation, as an added guarantee ISLanguages will certify the translation, this is especially important when translation is required for legal purposes.



Our in house team are proficient in the production of subtitling, we take the original version of the Film / DVD etc in whatever language and translate the spoken work into subtitles (in any given language) that will appear at the bottom of the screen.

We speak your language

With our constantly expanding pool of linguists, we can cater for languages and dialects from across the world.

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