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British Sign Language was only recognised as a official language in March 2003, but records show the existance of Sign Language as far back as the 15th Century.

In April 2022 the BSL Act came into force offering greater inclusion and equality for BSL users, it is now a legally recognised language for England, Wales and Scotland. Government departments are required to report on how they are promoting and facilitating the use of BSL and provide guidance on how to meet the needs of people who use BSL as their first or preferred language.

Secondary & Further Education 

Our Secondary and Further Education Programs acknowledge the extra-curricular activities and experiences students undertake to develop new skills contribute to a student’s personal and social development. By taking part in diverse types of activities, students gain and develop important skills such as communication, commitment, good citizenship, initiative, leadership and team spirit and personal confidence.

BSL Enrichment Programme

This course has been developed by our Deaf Tutors, who have a unique insight into the Deaf world and culture, drawing from their own experiences the course is presented in an imaginative and distinct way. Although we have a standard set course, this is by no means fixed as topics can be tailored specifically to your needs, each course is 1hr (or multiples thereof) in duration and can be adapted from 6 – 12 weeks.

We also offer Taster Sessions, which can be created and tailored to your specific requirements and any duration to fit into your schedule from 1hr - 1day, each session is designed to be 1hr long but can be extended to accommodate this course offers an overview of Deaf Culture and basic fingerspelling.

At the end of the courses students will receive a "Certificate of Completion"


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